Friday, November 27, 2009

Letter: Shabbos Alone..... I Hate It

i am a single person living in flatbush. unfortunately, i have not found my bashert yet. due to the circumstances of my life, i have no family to go to for shabbos. i am hardly ever invited to spend shabbos with other people.
on most shabbosim, i find myself alone at home for all three meals. the meals are sooo depressing. i remember the shabbos meals of long ago with all its beauty. but today its usually just me making kiddush and hamotzi on two matzos and then eating a bowl of cheerios while i read a book. there is no dishes, no courses, no zemiros and nothing that i would ever look forward to.
i promise that if hashem helps me find my bashert, then i will open my home to all people that need a meal and a smile.
until then, i am at home eating cheerios.

Michal (name changed to spare myself some dignity)

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Anonymous said...

You gotta socialize with your kosher friends man.