Friday, November 27, 2009

Home Alone for Shabbos ;-(

Shabbos our most uplifting day of the week.
However how enjoyable can it be when you have to stay home alone with nobody to share the joy with. Not everybody gets married so quick & has such a beautiful family to spend Shabbos with, but we still are obligated to eat 3 meals every week. 
Week in & week out we have to go to the same cousins or brothers & it gets boring. So we opt to stay home. If only there were a place that I can go to that I would feel comfortable spending quality time & actually enjoying the  Shabbos Seuda. 
I hope this letter reaches out to you & can help start networking to arrange Shabbos meals for us every week. If this can be done on the upper west side in NYC why not here as well ?

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